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Easy to Install AutoStart for Your RV Generator

Worry-Free Control of Your Power Systems

  • Starts and stops the generator as required to maintain battery health
  • Will only start the generator if shorepower is NOT present
  • Automatic generator turn on to meet air conditioning demands if coach gets too hot
  • Wireless - RV owners can install themselves

Introducing the newest RV power generation solution -- Energy Command™ AutoStart . The EC-30W is the first autostart system specifically designed for RV owners to install themselves. This provides worry-free control for most Cummins Onan diesel, gas, or LP generators. While high-end diesel RVs have added autostart as a factory option in recent years, most RVers who could use an autostart system on their existing RV don’t have one. Because the EC-30W is wireless, the average RV owner can install it on their own without paying for installation. At the same time, the EC-30W maintains several features that are unique to the Energy Command family. These unique features include:

  • Detection of Shorepower so the EC-30W will only start the generator if shorepower is NOT present and batteries get low or the RV gets too hot. This allows the RVer to use the EC-30W as a back-up to shorepower in campgrounds with weak or intermittent power.
  • An accelerometer to detect when the RV moves to prevent the EC-30W from accidentally starting the generator when the RV is placed inside an enclosed space.
  • Battery backup to maintain settings in the EC-30W when power is removed. (Don't have to constantly reset the clock.)

Cummins Onan Energy Command 30W (EC-30W)

Cummins Onan EC-30W puts RV power in the palm of your hand.

Cummins Onan Energy Command 30W consists of a receiver that is wired to the generator and a hand-held transmitter that is used to automatically start and stop the generator as required to maintain battery health and temperature inside the RV.

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The Cummins Onan EC-30W is a wireless generator autostart with the following benefits:

  • Remotely starts and stops a generator from up to 100 ft away
  • Compatible with all current model Cummins Onan RV generators
  • Easy for any RV owner to install; instructions included (see how to install)
  • Digitally encrypted code ensures remote starts only your generator
  • Rechargeable and can be wall mounted
  • Automatic generator turn on to meet air conditioning demands for up to four units
  • Regularly monitors and displays battery levels and provides power to the inverter to charge batteries
  • Unique "look-ahead" feature tops off battery prior to "quiet time"
  • Easily program your own "quiet time" hours and battery charging preferences
  • Automatically starts/stops generator on low/full batteries
  • Displays generator hour meter, maintenance reminders and diagnostic text messages for easy troubleshooting
  • Safety start inhibits automatic generator starting in unsafe conditions

To learn more about power management also read our guide RV Generator Load Management Basics PDF icon893 KB. To learn more about the EC-30W see our answers to common EC-30W AutoStart questions.