Cummins Onan

Commercial QD 11000

Cummins Onan Commercial Generator

Commercial QD 11000

  • Remote cooling package and installation kit
  • Computer-controlled constant speed operation
  • Unique sound controlled housing and sound shields minimize noise and deliver better sound quality
  • Four-point semi focalized internal mounting system greatly reduces vibration
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting
  • Optional Cummins Onan digital display provides user-friendly diagnostics including extensive engine and alternator information, self-diagnostic features and text display
  • Service and maintenance points accessible through easy-latch side service door
  • Control panel mounted switches
  • Automatic glow plug eliminates preheat time uncertainty
  • Products supported by worldwide certified distributor/dealer support network
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  • Advanced digital electronic control providing extensive diagnostic capability
  • Shutdown with diagnostic indicator light for: high engine coolant temperature, low oil pressure, over speed/voltage, starter overcrank, additional customer input and many more
  • Start-run-stop switch with glow plug preheat and fuel pump priming modes for easy starting; run light and diagnostic indicator light
  • Start function has automatic glow plug preheat providing better, cleaner starting
  • Engine starter with automatic start disconnect
  • Electronic governor allows the generator set to maintain isochronous frequency control and close voltage regulation to provide quality power for digital appliances and computers
  • Single phase AC alternator with single or dual voltages, brushless
  • Digital voltage regulator integral with control
  • 12 V DC electric system with battery charging, negative ground
  • DC control console mounted with isolation and DC protective circuit breakers
  • Electric fuel transfer pump for priming and lift capability
  • Cooling system with remote heat exchanger and expansion tank to easily maintain coolant level
  • Water cooled exhaust manifold
  • AC mainline circuit breaker
  • Running time meter
  • Remote air intake silencer
  • Captive focalized mounting systems with vibration isolators
  • Full flow lube oil filter
  • Oil drain and hose extension
  • Electric fuel shut-off via electronic governing actuator
  • Fuel filter/water separator
  • Drip pan base capable of containing all generator set fluids
  • Bulk head type connections for ease of installation include fuel in, fuel out, battery, generator set ground (vehicle bond) and engine air inlet
  • Single point lifting bracket for ease of installation
  • Plug-in watertight connector for optional remote control
  • Closed crankcase breather re-circulation to eliminate engine room contamination
  • Fire extinguisher access port
  • Factory load tested

Weight, Size & Sound Levels


Weight: 695 lb (315 kg) dry

Size: Length 40.7 in (1033 mm), width 22.3 in (566 mm), height 23.4 in (593 mm)

Sound before installation: 61.8 dB(A) at 10 ft (3 m), full load

Cooling Package

Size: Length: 520 mm, Width: 410 mm, Height: 570 mm

Weight: 30 kg

Model Ratings

Models kW Voltage Amps Phase Hz Engine RPM
11 HDKBN 11.0 110/220 100/50 1 50 1500
115/230 95.7/47.8 1 50 1500
120/240 91.7/46 1 50 1500
220 50 1 50 1500
230 47.8 1 50 1500

pdf image Specification sheet - English   pdf image Specification sheet - French
pdf image Specification sheet - German   pdf image Specification sheet - Italian   

- Ratings apply up to 500 ft (153 m) altitude, 85° F (29° C) ambient with No. 2 diesel fuel.
- Maximum power capability decreases 3.5% for each 1000 ft (305 m) above 500 ft (153 m) and 1% for each 10° F (5.5° C) increase in ambient temperature above 85° F (29° C).
- Ratings are at intermittent power output. Continuous ratings are 85% of intermittent.
* Ambient is defined as the air temperature measured at the cooling air inlet to the set.


The Cummins Onan limited warranty covers virtually everything except routine maintenance for the first two years that you own your generator set, or the first 2,000 hours of operation, whichever comes first. In addition, it includes a free 90-day adjustment policy, which provides that Cummins Inc. will make minor adjustments to your new generator set during the first three months you own it – free of charge!

pdf image manufacturer's limited warranty