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Supplied exclusively to Lincoln® and Miller® Welders, every Onan engine was built to exacting standards by a company with over 55 years of engine design experience. Although Cummins Onan no longer manufacturers engines, Cummins Onan dealers and distributors nationwide will continue to support your engine with quality service and replacement parts.

Performer OHV 20

20 hp engine featured full-pressure lubrication, electronic ignition, low oil pressure cutoff switch and three-year warranty. Click here for the specification sheet PDF icon (298 kB)

Emissions Statement

Our company is committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment. This commitment is reflected in the quality of our current products as well as in our research and development work on new technologies such as fuel cells. As tested by Cummins Onan's factory test procedure, our Performer OHV 20 engines meet all EPA and CARB emissions regulations enacted for the protection of the environment. Please bear in mind that factors such as the age and condition of the engine, type of installation, and whether proper operation and maintenance procedures are followed, may significantly affect emissions. If you have any questions about the proper care and use of your engine to keep it in good operating condition and minimize emissions, your local Cummins Onan distributor or dealer will be happy to advise you. See our directory of locations.

Warranty Coverage for Onan Engines

Warranty Coverage for Onan Engines Every Onan Performer OHV 20 engine is built to the same high standard by a company with over 50 years of engine design experience. The Onan Performer OHV 20 is backed by a three-year limited warranty, with a two-year warranty on emission-related components. A five-year extended warranty is available.

Please contact your certified Cummins Onan dealer or distributor if you need additional information or have questions about your warranty.