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Cummins Onan
Quiet Gasoline™ Series

Our newest generators, the Quiet Gasoline Series features digital generator sets that actually think for you. The advanced digital electronic control provides extensive diagnostics with self-protective capability and makes the Quiet Gasoline Series the first gasoline-powered user-friendly generator sets.

Cummins Onan's digital electronic control constantly monitors generator set operation and alerts the user to potential problems. Detailed information is available at the touch of a button, taking out the guesswork and providing built-in confidence. The controls are highly reliable, bringing a new level of information to the user with digital technology that's worry-free.


  • The Quiet Gasoline Series comes standard with several premium features including:
  • User-friendly - the first marine generator set with an advanced digital electronic control that provides extensive diagnostic information
  • Self-protective shutdowns including high engine coolant temperature, high exhaust temperature, low oil pressure, over speed, over voltage, no raw water flow, and many others
  • Optional Digital Display providing pre-alarm protection
  • Electronic frequency control - a must for digital appliances and computers requiring quality power
  • Insulated enclosure for optimum sound attenuation - the quiet in Quiet Gasoline
  • Easy access to service and maintenance - performed from one side
  • Oil level check access from control panel outside enclosure
  • CO monitor interconnect shutdown for customer safety
  • Completely transferable five year Limited Warranty
  • More than 70 years of marine experience stand behind every Cummins Onan Marine generator set.

Pontoon Boat Series Generator Sets

The following Cummins Onan generator sets are available for pontoon-style installations. For additional information, click on the corresponding specification sheet (spec sheet) PDF. Documents in PDF (PDF symbol) format will open in a new window. To view and print PDFs, you will need the free Adobe Reader®. Use your browser's file/print command to print the spec sheet.

Model kW/kVA Voltage Amps Phase Hz Eng. RPM Spec Sheet
4.0MKY 4.0/4.0 120 33.3 1 60 3600 a-1348 (298KB)
3.6MKY 3.6/3.6 230 15.7 1 50 3000 a-1348 (298KB)

3.6MKY: 230 voltage adjustable to 220-240 V; reconnectable to 110/220, 115/230 or 120/240 V. Rating conditions are 99.3 kPa (29.4 in Hg) barometric pressure, 30% relative humidity, 29.4 C(85 F).


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Marine QG 60Hz 4kW

Marine QG 60 Hz 4 kW Pontoon

Housed, gasoline, air cooled, above-deck installation only.


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Marine QG 50Hz 3.6kW

Marine QG 50 Hz 3.6 kW Pontoon

Housed, gasoline, air cooled, above-deck installation only.