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Sound comparisons of the RS20A and three leading competitors

Learn about how a Cummins Residential Standby Generator can help you in the event of a natural disaster or power black out.

Standby solutions from Cummins Power Generation to help you prepare for the worst nature has to offer.


Prepare yourself for power outage & severe weather with an emergency standby generator


Cummins Onan Residential Products Overview

Residential Standby Generator: Internet Interface

Residential Standby Generator: How it works                                                                       

Cummins Onan manufactures reliable generators for RV, Marine, Commercial and Residential use.

Home Standby Generator RS20A for whole house power backup by Cummins Onan                                              

Residential Standby Generator: What happens when the power goes out?

How Load Management Works on your Cummins Onan Residential Generator

Basics of maintaining your home backup power system

Basics of installing a backup home generator

Key considerations for selecting the right home generator

How a backup generator operates

Benefits of a Backup Power System

Selecting an Automatic Standby

How to select the right size residential standby generator

Operation of a home standby generator system & automatic transfer switch

Home Standby Generator Maintenance for effective power backup